Unlock the potential of conversational AI

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Unlock the potential of conversational AI

Welcome to the frontline of conversational AI technology! 

The logic and modular flexibility combined with the latest LLMs from OpenAI, Google and Facebook results in a highly advanced, yet easy-to-use platform.

The system goes beyond just interpreting user queries; it understands intent and analyses behavioural and preference patterns to deliver a conversational experience that’s not just smart, but also intuitive and contextual. What’s more, this cutting-edge technology is not a distant dream – it can be integrated into your business in less than a day, requiring minimal effort on your part.

Elevate interactions with natural language understanding

From basic understanding to intelligent, human-like interactions

The technology at Business Data, is more than just a tool; it’s a gateway to creating AI virtual assistants that redefine user interactions. Our system is designed to evaluate a multitude of possible intents, comprehend complex queries with remarkable accuracy, and engage in interactions that mimic human conversation. 

The result? Both your internal and external stakeholders will experience interactions that are not only efficient but also strikingly human-like and responsive.

Multilingual capabilities: bridging language divides

Effortless communication in over 100 languages

In today’s global business environment, communication barriers can be a significant hurdle. Business Data demolishes these barriers. Our intelligent assistants are equipped to handle tasks and resolve customer queries in over 100 languages. This feature is vital for global businesses, ensuring that employees, clients, partners, and suppliers can interact seamlessly, without the need for translation. What’s more, our system is designed to remember language preferences for future interactions, ensuring a personalised and effortless experience regardless of the channel or device used.

Transform your company with Business Data, AI and automation

Empower your team to focus on what matters

Experience the transformative power of Business Data’s conversational AI. We invite you to schedule a demo with our experts and discover how our AI assistants can take over repetitive tasks, freeing your team to focus on strategic and creative endeavours. 

With Business Data, you’re not just implementing a tool; you’re integrating a solution that enhances user experience, boosts efficiency, and propels your business into the future of digital interaction.

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