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Double or triple your productivity gains with workflow automation, smart assistants and business intelligence.

For over 25 years, micro businesses to blue-chips in every industry have trusted Business Data to help them grow and stay ahead of the curve. 

Integrate diverse data types

Integrate text, audio and video into your own AI platform.

Multimodal AI Assistant
Real-time language translation
Add your own logic flows
AI barcode scanning
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Find an AI solution for your business

Power up your website with our advanced chat bot that offers image and video tools.

Workflow Automation
Optimise processes and decision-making for unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.
Marketing Assistant
Create efficient, consistent, and personalised content across a range of modalities.
Multilingual Support
Converse with prospects in multiple languages to open up new markets and demographics.
AI-Powered Chatbots
Engage and intelligently assist visitors to your website, your Facebook Page, Instagram and more.

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Let us create your natural language bot flows, create your AI assistants and code your system.  Or we can give you the tools for you to create your own. 

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