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Embracing Multilingual Support at D-Lab

Welcome to Business Data’s D-Lab, where we believe in reaching diverse audiences and global markets as the key to success in the digital age. Our  Multilingual D-Lab™ service is specially designed to help your business overcome language barriers, connect with new customer segments, and expand your international reach.

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Multilingual Chatbots and Customer Support
Multilingual Content Creation
Global Marketing Campaigns
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Our Capabilities

Global connectivity

Bridge language gaps and connect with diverse audiences worldwide, fostering inclusive and global customer interactions.

Cultural intelligence

Utilise nuanced language understanding to deliver culturally resonant and contextually relevant customer experiences.

International expansion

Accelerate your market reach across linguistic borders with streamlined, multilingual communication solutions.

Overcoming your business language barriers

For smaller organisations venturing into new linguistic territories, the hurdle isn’t just about translation; it’s about retaining the essence of their brand in a way that resonates across cultures. Larger enterprises face the daunting task of scaling these efforts efficiently while maintaining consistency and quality of service.

Business Data stands at the forefront of addressing these pain points with our advanced multilingual services. We leverage the latest in conversational AI to provide solutions that are as dynamic and diverse as the linguistic landscape itself, ensuring that every interaction is precise, personalised, and culturally aligned.

Intelligent conversations with all your international customers

Your Intelligent Assistant will access your knowledge base, and answer questions in over 100 languages. It will respond with solutions, capture information, and  translate whenever asked.

Always On
Online access allows you to manage your smart agents from anywhere, anytime.
Get personalised
Deliver personalised responses instantly to your customers and stakeholders. Intelligently assign conversations to humans when necessary.
Loop feedback
We build systems that can help you loop feedback into the design of your next iteration.
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