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How to design my first Flow
You will be surprised to discover how easy it is to create flows within app.businessdata.com. Once you have created your flows, you can easily come back and refine/edit or even duplicate or delete. Here is the step-by-step guide.
Custom Flows (CUFs) and System Fields
CUFs are very useful, user-defined variables that you can use throughout your flows
Here is the step-buy-step guide.
The Inbox tab
This is the area where you can view all conversations, plus see guests and users information. Read more.
Secret Sauce - Create a Trigger Function
Trigger functions provide a means to seamlessly integrate ChatGPT with your automation tools and external systems. These functions enable you to effortlessly gather user information and initiate predefined flows. The triggered flow has the capability to execute various automations, retrieve data from external sources, and relay the information back to ChatGPT.
Here is how
Notify Admins
Alerting admins means sending a message to the chosen administrators, letting them know there's a conversation that needs their attention. Here's the guide.
Busines Data’s Webchat enables you to incorporate a chatbot on your website.

Instructions here

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